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Thom Burgess’s graphic novels and comics have garnered attention from some of the leading horror entertainment websites including Dread Central, Starburst Magazine and Bleeding Cool to name a few. His debut comic ‘Malevolents – Click Click’ was heralded as ‘one of the scariest comics of 2015’ and applauded by writers including Stephen Volk (Gothic, The Awakening), Andy Nyman (Ghost Stories the Show) and director David Sandberg (Annabelle : Creation / Shazam) for it’s fresh take on supernatural horror within the comic medium.

Malevolents has also been featured by the award winning, international horror magazine Rue Morgue. The magazine spotlighting his work in it's 'Blood in Four Colours' supplement alongside comic book writing talents such as Alan Moore, Mike Mignola, Junji Ito, Robert Kirkman and Todd Macfarlane amongst others.

Thom’s follow up ghost story The Eyrie’ was also widely acclaimed by the horror community and won Rue Morgue's 'Graphic Novel of 2017' Additionally award winning actor/writer/comedian Reece Shearsmith (League of Gentlemen / Psychoville / Inside No.9) attributed an official foreword to the book. 

Thom’s third graphic novella Hallows Fell has also been praised by horror entertainment websites notably for it's harking back to the roots of the folk horror genre. From this basis  director Corin Hardy (The Nun / The Hallow) kindly attributed a foreword to the novella describing his work as a 'folkloric force of graphic novel nature'.

Ghoster - the follow up to Malevolents and the acclaimed 45 page graphic novel is out now at http://www.ghosterworld.com/ and available at Comixology.com