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Mister Howl : Found Footage Book

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A 100 (+) page, collectable, found footage ghost story in book form + art print

(Original Kickstarter - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/manoghosts/misterhowl )

2022 - A book containing old photos of film footage and notes is unearthed in a private lockup, forgotten for over twenty years.

As the reader turns the pages, a story soon becomes apparent. A young boy, confined to his bedroom, bearing witness to a horrific haunting in an adjacent city block.

The boy's only means of recording the supernatural occurrences, his camcorder and photographs. But the medium is far too basic to record the incidents clearly. The horror lying almost concealed between the shadows and the scanlines

Now, after 20 years you're invited to bear witness to these cursed frames too.

Over twenty years ago and following a life-changing injury, 15-year-old Jay, is tasked with recording his rehabilitation, whilst mostly confined to his room, high above the city street in his mother's cramped apartment.

As Jay immerses himself in the daily life of his neighbours, he soon becomes engrossed by the adjacent block and the wide variety of residents who dwell within it.

When one night Jay witnesses a horrific attack on one of the blocks residents he sets to work attempting to record the movements of the attacker. A monstrous, shadowy figure he dubs - MISTER HOWL. A resident who seemingly doesn't belong to the block.

Jay’s only record, the photos from his handheld camera and tapes from his camcorder. Any footage seems to distort and warp as he attempts to record the horror he witnesses.

But as new tenants move into the block, Jay observes Howl preparing himself to strike once more. With Jay confined to his apartment and with little hope of being able to convince any adults of what he’s witnessing, it’s up to Jay to try and stop the terror before MISTER HOWL feeds again.