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Hallows Fell - Graphic Novella & Exclusive Art Print


Image of  Hallows Fell - Graphic Novella & Exclusive Art Print

If in October you do marry, love will come but riches tarry - In the depths of the English countryside, businessman Simon, is eager to get home and celebrate his house warming with his fiance. Unfortunately
something else in the ancient woodland is hungry for Simon’s attention.

From the writer of acclaimed supernatural horrors 'Malevolents - Click Click’ and ‘The Eyrie’
comes a whole new haunting tale of terror.

“Drawing on the traditional superstitions of Kent’s eerie Blue Bell Hill, Thom weaves an unnerving atmosphere.”
Corin Hardy (Director of ‘The Hallow’ & ‘The Nun’)

Order your own 40 page perfect bound spined copy of 'Hallows Fell' today with exclusive art print - packaged in a wax sealed envelope. Signed copies available on request.


‘With Hallows Fell, Burgess has written a ghost story that draws a lot of inspiration from several classic folk stories, but also feels original and unique." - Horror Geek Life

"With a stunning level of detail that you won’t find in many other black and white comics - definitely worth a read" - Dread Central

"HALLOWS FELL is an excellent one-shot that keeps you on your toes. Supernatural stories may be abundant, but Burgess adds new flavor to the recipe." - Comicsverse

"Burgess is a writer who understands the mechanics of horror and knows how to get under the reader’s skin within the opening seconds, and he’s adept at working with illustrators who share the same talent." - Starburst Magazine

"A story that combines modern life and old time superstition in a seamless blend." - Geek Pride

"If you are already familiar with Burgess’ work, then it’s probably a no-brainer for you that this is a must-read and one to keep on the shelves. If you have never been so lucky to experience his twisted mind, then Hallows Fell is the perfect place to start getting lost in some of the best of today’s world of horror." - Fanbase Press

"it has shades of an MR James story, but also of classic Brit horror like the Wicker Man or even American Werewolf in London." - Pipedream Comics